If you wish to provide your measurements, we will gladly make your order to them. It is important, however, that you provide measurements using the methods shown here, in inches, with a soft measuring tape. We need all these measurements, including your height, for bespoke designs. Please provide them in the notes section at checkout. Note: Customized orders cannot be returned, we hope you understand. 
Chava Studio: How to measure your shoulders


Take this from your back. Start at the left shoulder blade, allow the tape to slope up slightly with the shape of your back and end at the right shoulder blade. 
Chava Studio: how to measure your chest


Measure the widest part of your bust, bringing the tape straight across your chest (nipple height, to be frank).  Again, make sure you have enough slack so the tape isn't taut. It should be able to move a bit from side to side.
Chava Studio: how to measure your arms


Start at your left or right shoulder blade (that little tip that protrudes when you place your finger over it) and measure all the way to the soft piece of your hand where your forefinger meets your thumb. 
Chava Studio: How to measure your neck


Measure an inch from the base of your neck, circling the neck entirely. Take the measurement from where the tape touches but make sure there's enough room to fit a finger through (so it isn't too snug!). The tape should be able to move a bit.

Chava Studio: How to measure your height


OK this one is a no brainer. Your doctor has done this a million times. Make sure the tape touches the very tip of your head and hits the floor next at your feet. 

If you have any doubts while taking your measurements, please feel free to email me: Olivia@ChavaStudio.com. Thank you to our wonderfully talented friend Ellie, @yoursketchyfriend, for these illustrations!