I first met Pamela when she was the editor in chief of L'Officiel Mexico. She and I connected through various creative projects and she remains someone I trust and admire enormously. She also happens to be my favorite photographer, having shot several campaigns for us all on her iPhone. She's currently the Director of Public Relations for Tiffany here in CDMX and everything she does, she does with an elevated eye that sees the natural beauty in every person, place and object she comes across. It is an honor to introduce you to someone I admire so much.


Hi Pamela! Where you born and raised? What was your childhood like?

I was born and raised in Mexico City and my childhood was pretty normal—although, I had a lot of friends (still keep them in my life), I felt sometimes I didn’t fit completely in…

Curiosity thrived, always creative and observing the world with wide-eyed delight.

Do you see much of your childhood self in the adult version of you?

I think that is the main challenge in life. Being a great version for your ‘little girl’ inside. Also, from organizing and cleaning my toys, now my OCD has become real.

You've had an incredible career at such a young age. Can you tell us what have been your most influential professional experiences?

Working with amazing creative people from all over the world. Understanding beauty and communicating through images and ideas that make me feel goosebumps when new projects are born.

When do you find you're most creative? Where do you find inspiration?

In solitude’s embrace surrounded by nature, music, poetry, and art. Travelling has become one of my favorites ways to discover my creative side.

What projects do you feel most close to and proud of?

Those where the synergy of creativity, passion, attention to detail and teamwork coexists since the beginning. Starting with a draft until it becomes live and real.

When did you start taking photos with your iPhone?

Since I got one! I can’t stop. When I was younger, used to carry with me a camera but was a little bit heavy… Taking photos with iPhone has become part of my day life.

What are the things you look for when taking a photograph? 

How light works with beauty and proportions. It just happens--- when I see something that calls out my attention, I grab my phone and shoot.

Where and when do you feel closest to and most yourself?

It is either outside at the mountain among with nature or inside an interesting museum. 

Do you like collaborating with me? (HAHAHAHAHA asking for a friend!)

Every time we get to shoot the campaign, is a happy day!  It is having so much fun with my friends and feeling free. It is the perfect reason to do what I love the most.

As creative people who also have a strong sense of business, how do you reconcile those two sides of yourself? Are they in harmony or in conflict?

As hard as it sounds, we all need to sell something in this life, so we better make the peace out of it and be in harmony! 

What kinds of clothing do you gravitate towards?

Into masculine and oversized pieces or very sexy dresses and skirts. I love contrasting both styles. I love oversized cotton t-shirts and high heels.

What designers have influenced the way you get dressed?

It is if Christophe Lemaire, Dries Van Noten, Jonathan W. Anderson and Miuccia Prada, get together just for pleasure.

Thank you Pamela!

Pamela wears our Slim Button-Down with Cocktail Cuffs in brown (email me to place an order, our Slim Button-Down with High Collar Band, our Tailored Short, our Cropped Oversized Shirt and our Garçon Pant in Brown Linen.  

Photographed by Alexia Puga Ramirez Garrido at Pamela's home in Cuauhtemoc, Mexico City

Written by Olivia Villanti

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