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Chava Studio About


Chava is a celebration of femininity: Quietly strong and proudly soft. It's genderless but rooted in our universal desire to create.

It's an homage to the process of making.

Most of all, it's an invitation to chavxs to make something beautiful.

How We Work

We partner with a family-run business in the heart of Mexico City. With their talented seamstresses, almost nothing is impossible. The only limit to what can be created is that “too much” isn’t an option. Every design is hand-done and hand-developed. Due to extremely high demand, we currently are accepting pre-orders to ship between February 15th - February 28th.  

Our community is welcomed to customize, personalize and of course participate in the design process if they wish. Please add your measurements, your monogram and any other design notes in the "notes" field at checkout. If you wish to amend anything after your order has been submitted please email our founder Olivia at If we have not begun on your garment, we can likely accommodate!

Quality + Impact

Our studio is one of Mexico's premier suppliers of cottons and linens which means the fabrics we use are some of the most luxurious and exquisite in the world (facts are facts ;)). We mostly use their extra yardage in our creations—which is why only a limited amount can be made in each design. However, we will re-release many designs in new fabrics regularly. 

Due to our made- and cut-to-order process we are able to avoid excess. We believe there is nothing more special or timeless than having something made just for you.

We don't design with trend or seasonality in mind, we hope each Chava Studio purchase you make is one you can keep for a very, very long time.

Maybe forever. We can dream.